Our visual identity will come to life through the material we use to communicate. In order to secure consistent communication in all contact with customers, partners and media, it is important that every employee use the correct templates.

Below, you will find downloadable templates for all your in-house documents.

PowerPoint presentation



Our visual identity is also communicated in brochures and advertising. In order to secure consistent communication, the advertising agency must adhere to these guidelines as well as seek visual consistency with the demonstrations below.

Brochure: Profile
Brochure: Sales & Invitations
Advertising: Profile
Advertising: Sales & Invitations
Success story (four pages)
Success story (two pages)
eMarketing: Newsletter, Invitation & Seminar
Use of Graphic element
Local adaptions



Our Identity Guide also includes stationery. In addition to preprinted office paper, stationary nowadays also includes templates for your individual PC. It is important that you don't change any part of the template itself.

PowerPoint presentation
Business Card
C5 Envelope
C4 Envelope
C4 Envelope (window)